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  • ARON 700C 21,580

    The Lightweight Aron 700c is the perfect road companion to tackle the everyday hustle and bustle of city commute

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    FinnLady 9,560

    Dodge Finnlady is an instant confidence booster for women. It’s the ultimate femme attitude

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    SCHNELL CREW 700C 20,610

    A pure flow seeker. Here’s the road lover, Schnell Crew. It’s modern geometry helps you wring a little more flow out of every kind of challenge.

  • SCHNELL SIERRA 1.0 700C 26,990

    Maximum steering precision & versatility built in. Here’s Schnell Sierra 1.0 for surprisingly smooth ride.

  • SCHNELL SIERRA 3.0 700C 32,990

    Designed to suit your ride, this Hybrid is built to give comfort and race like performance.

  • SCHNELL SMOOTH 700C 22,260

    Smooth as butter! This bike is built for hybrid handling, speed & durability.

  • TOWN 700C 15,700

    The lightweight and low rolling resistance of a road bike will get you anywhere you want to go, swiftly and comfortable.

  • TOWN 700C SS 11,090

    This one goes beyond fast. It tears the wind, dominates straight lines and delivers euphoria all the way!