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  • ARON 700C 21,580

    The Lightweight Aron 700c is the perfect road companion to tackle the everyday hustle and bustle of city commute

  • CRUZE 007 14,440

    Get ready for an ultimate all-rounder that rules the terrains and city roads flawlessly. It hits the sweet spot of value and performance in our mountain bike line-up.

  • CYLER 16,900

    Cyler is a good fit if you need comfort and stability. It’s made by riders for riders.

  • CYLER SS 13,300

    Confident handling is all you need to look for in this single speed rockstar. Commute to work, ride to class, find new adventures in your daily routine.

  • DRIFTER 12,490

    Drifter multi-speed is super intutive and easy to ride that delivers a race winning combo of speed & stability.

  • DRIFTER SS 10,690

    Drifter also comes in the single speed variant. As intuitive and easy to handle as it’s multi-speed counterpart.

  • EVOLUTION 700C 39,990

    The lightest Keysto yet, designed exclusively by the JMT design team. Race your heart out with this speed machine!

  • FURY SS 13,000

    This lightweight frame is a city road conqueror with progressive suspension. It will help you push it to the limit with control.

  • INSANE SS 13,390

    Experience the timeless looks of Keysto Insane and modern performance of the sleek, single speed-focused MTB

  • KS 000 9,590

    KS 000 is made for high performance and rugged

  • KS 000 L 10,120

    A performance single speed making it a great choice for fast roadies who want the extra confidence to perform in any conditions.

  • KS 001 DX SS 14,270

    Single speed focused MTB that is always ready for an adventure

  • KS 001 L 11,890

    With it’s precision handling, stiffness and stability this is also an excellent choice for those wishing to dip their toe into fast road.

  • KS 001 SS 10,440

    For your most imaginative daily commute. Here’s the ultimate single speed which is lightweight high performance and rugged.

  • KS 007 15,290

    With a rock solid and sturdy built, Keysto KS 007 21 speed is super intutive and easy to use that to deliver a race-winning combo of speed & durability.

  • KS 007 PRO 20,390

    With a rock solid and sturdy built, Keysto KS 007 21 PRO has a satisfying ride to rule over the terrain with ease.