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  • Ace DX 24″ SS 11,170

    Get more of the fun stuff and stay fresh for your favourite terrains & long journeys

  • DRIFTER 12,490

    Drifter multi-speed is super intutive and easy to ride that delivers a race winning combo of speed & stability.

  • DRIFTER SS 10,690

    Drifter also comes in the single speed variant. As intuitive and easy to handle as it’s multi-speed counterpart.

  • HOT
    FinnLady 9,560

    Dodge Finnlady is an instant confidence booster for women. It’s the ultimate femme attitude

  • KS 000 9,590

    KS 000 is made for high performance and rugged

  • KS 000 L 10,120

    A performance single speed making it a great choice for fast roadies who want the extra confidence to perform in any conditions.

  • KS 001 DX SS 14,270

    Single speed focused MTB that is always ready for an adventure

  • KS 001 L 11,890

    With it’s precision handling, stiffness and stability this is also an excellent choice for those wishing to dip their toe into fast road.

  • KS 001 SS 10,440

    For your most imaginative daily commute. Here’s the ultimate single speed which is lightweight high performance and rugged.

  • KS 007 15,290

    With a rock solid and sturdy built, Keysto KS 007 21 speed is super intutive and easy to use that to deliver a race-winning combo of speed & durability.

  • KS 007 PRO 20,390

    With a rock solid and sturdy built, Keysto KS 007 21 PRO has a satisfying ride to rule over the terrain with ease.

  • MAG 007 19,540

    MAG 007 is super smooth on roads and inspires confidence for the rider for long journeys.

  • MAXIMO 15,999

    Not often you will find a bike as comfortable as the Maximo 21 Speed which gives increased agility and playfulness on the track and on trail for relaible performance.

  • MAXIMO SS 11,590

    No matter your riding style, this is the perfect entry level MTB for commuting & road riding.

  • NEXO 16,600

    Right amount of adventure is best-suited for this multi-speed. Nexo is good for a daily light touring.

  • NEXO SS 12,490

    As adventurous as its multi-speed counterpart, this single speed wonder is perfect for daily touring.