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  • Ace DX 24″ SS 11,170

    Get more of the fun stuff and stay fresh for your favourite terrains & long journeys

  • ARROW 7,490

    The aim for everyday ride for the kids to be their partner in adventure and experiences

  • CUBE 7,490

    A perfect partner for the kids to start ride with freedom and hustle their every tiny adventure

  • DRIFTER 12,490

    Drifter multi-speed is super intutive and easy to ride that delivers a race winning combo of speed & stability.

  • DRIFTER SS 10,690

    Drifter also comes in the single speed variant. As intuitive and easy to handle as it’s multi-speed counterpart.

  • eVelo 32,999

    When we thought about the “Future of Mobility”, we imagined it to be clean, smooth and responsible. We manifested our imagination in the form of two wheels that would give love back to our great planet Earth as they would move.

    Introducing eVelo, our latest range of e-bikes. It is a whole new dimension of clean lifestyle between the throttle and the pedal, all the way through the effortless cruise! It’s all about making the right lifestyle choices.

    So now if you doubt you can make a difference, just get your hands on the #eVelo & #RideTheEnergy

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    FinnLady 9,560

    Dodge Finnlady is an instant confidence booster for women. It’s the ultimate femme attitude

  • KS 000 9,590

    KS 000 is made for high performance and rugged

  • KS 000 L 10,120

    A performance single speed making it a great choice for fast roadies who want the extra confidence to perform in any conditions.

  • KS 001 DX SS 14,270

    Single speed focused MTB that is always ready for an adventure

  • KS 001 L 11,890

    With it’s precision handling, stiffness and stability this is also an excellent choice for those wishing to dip their toe into fast road.

  • KS 001 SS 10,440

    For your most imaginative daily commute. Here’s the ultimate single speed which is lightweight high performance and rugged.

  • KS 007 15,290

    With a rock solid and sturdy built, Keysto KS 007 21 speed is super intutive and easy to use that to deliver a race-winning combo of speed & durability.

  • KS 007 PRO 20,390

    With a rock solid and sturdy built, Keysto KS 007 21 PRO has a satisfying ride to rule over the terrain with ease.

  • MAG 007 19,540

    MAG 007 is super smooth on roads and inspires confidence for the rider for long journeys.

  • MAXIMO 15,999

    Not often you will find a bike as comfortable as the Maximo 21 Speed which gives increased agility and playfulness on the track and on trail for relaible performance.