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Whether you’re cycling to work, to school, to the shops, or just for fun, the humble bicycle is an easy way to get more active. Are you a new rider? Here’s what you need to be a successful cyclist.

It’s time to embrace pedal power.


Get the Right Bike

The bike you buy will probably be the only bike you have had for some time. Getting it right is important so you can enjoy cycling. The bike should fit your budget, and riding style and be of the right size for you.

Different bikes are suitable for different uses such as exercise, off-roading, long rides, and city cycling. Buy your bike at the local shop; they help you with setting up and other tips plus probably offer you free service for some time.


Safety first

Remember, wearing a bicycle helmet is a great habit while riding. To make sure you can be seen, wear light and bright clothes during the day and reflective clothing or a vest at night.


Start small and build up the distance you can cycle

For your first bike ride, a great place to build your confidence is a traffic-free trail or park. If you haven’t cycled in a long time aim to cover around 5 kms and then build up your distance so that you don’t overdo it. Little and often is the best way to increase strength and confidence.


Learn how to fix a puncture

The basics of fixing a tire puncture are a necessity for every cyclist. Learn how to go about fixing a puncture as soon as you buy a bike. A pro could show you how to go about it. On rides, have enough kit with you to fix a puncture if need be.


Make Cycling a Habit

With your body adjusting to the new activity, your first rides will be tough. Sticking with cycling for some time will give you real progress quickly. However, do not push yourself too much in the beginning. Go at it with small yet steady increases in intensity and length of rides for best results.


Practice braking and riding technique

The riding technique helps you stay safe on the road and ride better. It includes how you use your brakes including the front brake, making use of momentum going up hills, and other factors in cycling. Practice good riding technique so it comes naturally on the road.


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